Note from the Health Promotions Chair

PROJECT-IN-A-DAY Last year, we challenged each county to organize, plan, and complete a “Project in a Day” promoting childhood immunizations. We are continuing this emphasis for 2014/2015 and hope to make a positive difference in educating parents about the value of childhood immunizations as well as the possible dangers in neglecting them. During her year as president of MSMSA, Cindy Ackerman, applied for a grant from MSMS Foundation, to help counties fund their own PROJECT-IN-A-DAY. We recently received the wonderful news that the grant was…

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Activate Your Political Voice: Join MDPAC! What is MDPAC? Michigan Doctor’s Political Action Committee (MDPAC) is the political arm of the Michigan State Medical Society. We are a bipartisan political action committee made up of members of the MSMS who are interested in making a positive contribution to the medical profession through the political process. MDPAC supports pro-medicine candidates running for the Michigan state legislature or statewide office. Why should you join? By contributing to MDPAC, you will substantially enhance…

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Inviting New Members

Personally contact people. The number one reason a person does not join is because they were not asked. It is often uncomfortable for a new person to walk into a room of strangers. Have greeters at the door and designate a person to introduce the new member to others. Offer them a beverage and make them feel welcome. Assign a mentor to a new member to make them feel welcome and to answer questions they may have. You may want to provide transportation…

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General Member Recruitment Tips

⇒ Make membership an Alliance-wide project √ Involve all members by asking members to contact non-members. √ Use lists provided by the local medical society. √ Have a contest to see who can recruit the most members. ⇒ Involve your board and have them lead by example. √ Set a goal for each board member to recruit three new members. ⇒ Make your Alliance visible. √ Ask volunteers to serve as a “welcome wagon” to go visit new physicians & spouses/partners.…

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Member Benefits

Personal Growth, Development, Leadership and Support Opportunities Meet and network with medical families Friendship and support from other medical spouses, partners and families Educational opportunities at state, regional and national meetings Personal growth opportunities through leadership development and training Community Health Initiatives Domestic Violence Prevention Health Literacy Anti-Bullying Healthy Lifestyles Individual programs in each county Legislative Support physicians through grassroots legislative activities Receive regular updates on pertinent medical & health related legislation Join us for a Day at the Capital…

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Loyalty Pledge and Gaval

PLEDGE OF LOYALTY I pledge my loyalty and devotion to the American Medical Association Alliance and to the Michigan State Medical Society Alliance. I will support their activities, protect their reputation and ever sustain their high ideals.   ALLIANCE PRESIDENTIAL GAVEL In 1951, on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Woman’s Auxiliary to the Michigan State Medical Society, the fact that President Mrs. O.D. Stryker, formerly of Fremont, was the incumbent president from Macomb County, prompted the gift…

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Past State AMAA Leaders

MSMSA is one of the nation’s oldest alliances. It was organized in 1926, only four years after the AMAA. Members have served the AMAA as follows: Mrs. William Mackersie, Wayne, National AMAA President Mrs. Leon Parnagian, Macomb, President of the National WASAMA (Women’s Auxiliary, Student American Medical Association) Mrs. Fleming Barbour (Marian), Genesee, AMAA Treasurer, Chairman of the Finance Committee and National Executive Committee Mrs. S. A. Yannitelli (Anita), Calhoun, the North Central Regional Communications Chairman Mrs. Willis Dixon (Ruth), Kent, AMAA Nominating Committee, North…

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2016-2017 *Dr. Caroline Bartlett Crane, Kalamazoo *Mrs. Guy L. Kiefer, Detro *Mrs. L. J. Harris, Jack *Mrs. J. Earl MacIntyre, Lans *Mrs. A. Mercer, Pontiac *Mrs. E. L. Whitney, Detroit *Mrs. F. T. Andrews, Kalamazoo *Mrs. A. M. Giddings, Battle Creek *Mrs. A. V. Wenger, Grand Rapids *Mrs. G. C. Hicks, Jackson *Mrs. P. R. Urmston, Bay City *Mrs. L. G. Christian, Lansing *Mrs. R. V. Walker, Detroit *Mrs. W. J. Butler, Grand Rapids *Mrs. Tyler Jenkins, Flint *Mrs. J.…

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MSMSA Executive Board

2018-2019 MSMSA Executive Board Members Executive Committee President: Lisa Hildorf President Elect: Karen Begrow Recording Secretary: Vibha Kaushal Treasurer: Janie Gugino Regional Directors: Donna Lake & Jennifer Rogers Immediate Past President: Janie Gugino     

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KCMSA Wins Three Awards at AMAA Annual Meeting 2018 AMA ALLIANCE Health Awareness Promotion (HAP) Award, National Initiative, Opioid Misuse Prevention for our health forum, “Opioid Awareness for Parents and Guardians” Health Awareness Promotion (HAP) Award, Fundraising “Dose of Generosity” Social Media Award, “Opioid Awareness Social Media Campaign”   For more information about these programs please visit the Kent County Medical Society on Facebook MSMS Medigram May 31, 2019 AMAA The Link March 2019 The AMA Alliance strongly supports the…

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