Why should I join the State Alliance?

I love my county alliance… Why should I join the state alliance? Make a Difference in your Community! MSMSA provides county alliance grants up to $250.00 per year for health projects. Activities at the county level vary widely. Belong and discover additional ways to help your community. Legislative advocacy is huge at the state level. MSMS will keep you abreast of all issues pertaining to health care and the practice of medicine. Join other Alliance members who strive to protect…

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Inviting New Members

Personally contact people. The number one reason a person does not join is because they were not asked. It is often uncomfortable for a new person to walk into a room of strangers. Have greeters at the door and designate a person to introduce the new member to others. Offer them a beverage and make them feel welcome. Assign a mentor to a new member to make them feel welcome and to answer questions they may have. You may want to provide transportation…

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Member Benefits

Personal Growth, Development, Leadership and Support Opportunities Meet and network with medical families Friendship and support from other medical spouses, partners and families Educational opportunities at state, regional and national meetings Personal growth opportunities through leadership development and training Community Health Initiatives Domestic Violence Prevention Health Literacy Anti-Bullying Healthy Lifestyles Individual programs in each county Legislative Support physicians through grassroots legislative activities Receive regular updates on pertinent medical & health related legislation Join us for a Day at the Capital…

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