Our Mission: Work in partnership with the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) and the American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA) to develop, implement, and support educational programs that improve the public health. Educate about legislative issues that impact the practice of medicine. Provide support for the medical family. Serve as a resource for County Alliances. About Us The Michigan State Medical Society Alliance is an organization of physician spouses and partners, working together for the benefit of their communities, their families…

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MSMS Action Center & Helpful Links

MSMS Action Center Connecting constituents and Lawmakers is a critical and central function of grassroots advocacy. Engage gives users access to an editable, prefilled web-form letter sending system, which has become the easiest and most effective way for constituents to contact their Lawmakers. Here, you will communicate, educate, engage, and activate on the things that are most important to Michigan physicians. With Engage, YOU become a “virtual lobbyist,” so please familiarize yourself with Engage and Take Action Now!   Click…

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KCMSA Wins Three Awards at AMAA Annual Meeting 2018 AMA ALLIANCE Health Awareness Promotion (HAP) Award, National Initiative, Opioid Misuse Prevention for our health forum, “Opioid Awareness for Parents and Guardians” Health Awareness Promotion (HAP) Award, Fundraising “Dose of Generosity” Social Media Award, “Opioid Awareness Social Media Campaign”   For more information about these programs please visit the Kent County Medical Society on Facebook MSMS Medigram May 31, 2019 AMAA The Link March 2019http://multibriefs.com/briefs/MSMS/MSMS041219.php The AMA Alliance strongly supports the…

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