The Michigan State Medical Society Alliance has established a county alliance health grant program. This program is designed to distribute grants to county alliances within the State of Michigan. Grants are to assist counties in projects that are health related. Projects could include, but are not limited to, violence prevention (SAVE), shelter assistance, purchase of AMAA educational materials (Hands Are Not For Hitting and/or Bullying books), etc.

The Executive Committee of the Michigan State Medical Society Alliance will review applications at each of their meetings – June, September, November, February and May. If approved, grant monies will be issued promptly to the county alliances.

A maximum of $250.00 will be available to each county for approved projects. Funds are to be used only for the project submitted. Counties may be asked to report on their health project to the Board of Directors.

Grant Application Forms should be submitted to: The Michigan State Medical Society Alliance County Health Grants 3031 W. Grand Blvd. Suite 645 Detroit, Michigan 48202 For more information please contact: the MSMSA Health Promotions Chairperson or any member of the Executive Committee.