⇒ Make membership an Alliance-wide project

  • √ Involve all members by asking members to contact non-members.
  • √ Use lists provided by the local medical society.
  • √ Have a contest to see who can recruit the most members.

⇒ Involve your board and have them lead by example.

  • √ Set a goal for each board member to recruit three new members.

⇒ Make your Alliance visible.

  • √ Ask volunteers to serve as a “welcome wagon” to go visit new physicians & spouses/partners.
  • √ Bring a welcome basket that includes information about the community, such as where to shop, nearby schools and an application for membership.
  • √ Invite the spouse/partners to an Alliance event as your guest.

⇒ If your local medical society has staff that includes a membership director, request that the director attend one of your meetings.

  • √ As the director to discuss various membership strategies that have worked on the grassroots level.

⇒ Personally contact nonmembers and invite them to an informal coffee or luncheon.

  • √ While they are there, discuss programs and projects of the Alliance.

⇒ Publicize Alliance activities that impact the community.

  • √ Notify the media about your special events.

⇒ Involve former presidents in membership campaigns.

  • √ Nonmembers will appreciate seeing past presidents stay active.

⇒ Work with your board of directors to develop an annual membership plan.

  • √ Share this plan with the members of the Alliance.
  • √ Ask for their input and keep them involved and informed.

⇒ Survey nonmembers and ask them why they have not joined.

  • Take a careful look at the results and request their support to implement suggestions.
  • √ Follow up with members on their suggestions.

⇒ Maintain a database of nonmembers.

  • √ Get lists of physician spouses/partners’ names from the local medical society, hospitals or physician recruiters.
  • √ Keep this list up to date and follow up with these individuals at various functions.

⇒ Use membership materials from other Alliances that are available at the AMA Alliance Leadership Development ⇒ Make members feel they are part of a family, recognize important life cycle events and offer support in times of tragedy and need. ⇒ Treat renewed members as you would new members.

  • √ List renewed members in newsletters, send thank you cards and offer support.

⇒ Get members involved in activities or programs

  • √ Try to match the talents and interests of members with programs and projects.

⇒ Ask members to develop articles for newsletters on issues that are of interest to them. ⇒ Continue to build morale, recognize the accomplishments and achievements of all members.

  • √ Have awards and publicize their achievements.

⇒ Remind members of the slogan “Membership Begins with ME.” ⇒ Ask members what they want out of their Alliance and act on feedback. ⇒ Involve all members of the members’ families.

  • √ Include activities for children and spouses.
  • √ Make the Alliance a family affair.

⇒ Have a membership gift certificate so that, as a gift, a member or spouse can renew a member’s dues. If you have other ideas, we would love to hear from you! Please contact your Regional Director.