1. Personally contact people. The number one reason a person does not join is because they were not asked.
  2. It is often uncomfortable for a new person to walk into a room of strangers. Have greeters at the door and designate a person to introduce the new member to others.
  3. Offer them a beverage and make them feel welcome.
  4. Assign a mentor to a new member to make them feel welcome and to answer questions they may have. You may want to provide transportation and a follow-up phone call.
  5. Use name tags at all meetings.
  6. Explain alliance projects to new people. Don’t assume that everyone knows what the Alliance does. Educate members about your projects.
  7. The reason you joined the alliance may not be the reason someone else joins.
  8. Remember all the reasons to be a member of the alliance – meet new friends, health projects, legislative involvement, fund raising projects, specials interest groups, etc.
  9. Let the new member decide how he/she wants to be involved and then invite the new member to be on one committee of their choice.
  10. Know the benefits of all three levels of the alliance. You cannot recruit members if you do not know what is going on at the county, state and national levels.
  11. When a new member joins, send a thank you note via email or snail mail. Let them know you value their membership.
  12. Everyone is a part of the membership team. Encourage all members to recruit new members.
  13. Remember to extend membership invitations to male spouses, medical student spouses and resident physician spouses and partners.
  14. Don’t get discouraged. You may need to ask 6-8 times before a person says “yes”.