October 2015

Stop America’s Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Day           

Our Alliance of physician spouses and partners is dedicated to advancing the health of Michigan with the overriding objective of benefitting our communities and families as well as the medical profession. We try to achieve our goals through advocacy and action.
A key focus of our Alliance, and that of the National Alliance, is the ongoing problem of violence in the U.S.  Back in 1995, the American Medical Society Alliance recognized the terrible toll that violence was taking in far too many communities across the country and introduced “SAVE Today” to “Stop America’s Violence Everywhere.”  The statistics were sobering then; twenty years later, they still are.  Unfortunately!  Violence continues to affect all age groups.  All too often it leaves permanent physical and emotional scars.  And in the process, it destroys families and communities.  No one, it seems, is immune.

In the 20 years since the AMA Alliance membership undertook this huge health promotion initiative, more than 700 anti-violence programs were implemented by county and state Alliances nationwide.  Just as relevant today, the “SAVE” message continues to focus attention on this serious, but preventable, public health issue.

On October 14th, we in the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) Alliance, together with our national Alliance partners, will commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the “SAVE” Campaign.  As it happens, this date coincides with national “Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day” (HCADV Day).  Then, ten days later on October 24th, the MSMS Foundation’s campaign to help domestic violence survivors “Doctors and Their Families Make a Difference in Michigan Day” will take center stage.  Thus, October is a strategically important month in the fight against domestic violence.