MSMSA Members Who Served at the AMAA

MSMSA is one of the nation’s oldest alliances. It was organized in 1926, only four years after the AMAA. Members have served the AMAA in the following capacities:

  • Kathleen Mackersie (William), Wayne, National AMAA President
  • Joan Parnagian (Leon), Macomb, President of the National WASAMA (Women’s Auxiliary, Student American Medical Association)
  • Marian Barbour (Fleming), Genesee, AMAA Treasurer, Chairman of the Finance Committee and National Executive Committee
  • Anita Yannitelli (S. A.), Calhoun, the North Central Regional Communications Chairman
  • Ruth Dixon (Willis), Kent, AMAA Nominating Committee, North Central Regional Legislative Chairman, and AMAA Recording Secretary
  • Donna Chase (R. Jack), Kent, North Central Regional Health Projects Chairman, and AMAA Nominating Committee
  • Cheri Calvelo (Edgar), Jackson, AMAA Health Projects Committee
  • Betty Drew (Dale), Oakland, AMAA Speaker of the House of Delegates
  • Nancy Crandall (Donald), Muskegon, AMAA Legislative Committee
  • Cathie Martin (David), Grand Traverse, AMA-ERF Chairman, Bylaws Chairman, North Central Director, and North Central Regional Vice President
  • Suzanne Pederson (Bernhardt), Bay, AMAA Membership Committee
  • Lois Duhamel (Peter), Oakland, AMAA Legislative Affairs Committee
  • Bev Jensen (William), Kent, AMAA Legislative Affairs Committee
  • Trudy Ritter (Frank), Washtenaw, AMAA Membership Committee
  • Jean Howard (William), Grand Traverse, AMAA Membership Committee Chairman, District Field Director, AMAA Secretary, AMAA Treasurer, AMAA President elect, AMAA President, AMA Foundation President
  • Janet Gregory (Jonathan), Grand Traverse, AMAA Legislative Committee
  • Lila Esfahani (Ali), Genesee, AMAA Foundation Committee
  • Sue VanTuinen (Robert), Kent, AMAA Membership Committee
  • Suzie MacKeigan (John), Kent, AMAA Membership Committee, AMAA Nominating Committee, Chair AMAA Intergraded Marketing Committee, Chair AMAA Bylaws Committee
  • Valary Schroeder (John) Grand Traverse-Leelanau-Benzie, AMAA Foundation
  • Sue Anne Addy (John) Ingham, Chair, AMAA Membership Advisory Committee
  • Dee Wacker (Douglas) Ingham, AMAA Foundation Committee Member, AMAA Legislation Committee Member. AMAA Strategic Advancement Advisory Committee
  • Linda Allen (Jeffrey) Midland, AMAA Foundation Committee Member
  • Lakshmi Tummala (Jawhar) Genesee, AMAA Membership Committee Member
  • Lynn Moon (Donald Snowdon) Marquette-Alger, AMAA Nominations Committee Member
  • Karen Begrow (Lee) Kent, AMAA Legislative Affairs Committee
  • Cindy Ackerman (Robert) Muskegon, AMA Foundation
  • Donna Lake (Jon) Jackson, AMA Alliance Governance Council and Nominating Committee
  • Clara Sumeghy (Frederico Mariona)Wayne, AMA Alliance Member Council, Programs & Advocacy Chair, Awards Committee Chair
  • Lisa Hildorf (Mark Castellani) Ingham, Elections Committee


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