Last year, we challenged each county to organize, plan, and complete a “Project in a Day” promoting childhood immunizations. We are continuing this emphasis for 2014/2015 and hope to make a positive difference in educating parents about the value of childhood immunizations as well as the possible dangers in neglecting them. During her year as president of MSMSA, Cindy Ackerman, applied for a grant from MSMS Foundation, to help counties fund their own PROJECT-IN-A-DAY. We recently received the wonderful news that the grant was approved, and we have received $5,000 toward our efforts in educating parents about childhood immunizations. This grant money will be a great help to counties by allowing them to expand the scope of their projects or giving them the basic funds to execute a worthwhile project. Our goal is to have all 16 active counties complete at least one PROJECT-IN-A-DAY by spring of 2015. You may partner with other local organizations, your spouses, or your local health department. Let’s be inclusive, and reach out to get as many people involved in this important effort as we can. The process required to receive the MSMS Foundation grant money will be to apply to MSMSA requesting up to $500. Please use the form on the MSMSA website, which will require a brief description of your planned project. When you have completed your project, a brief written report, including photos, has been requested by the MSMS Foundation. If any of you have questions or want more information, please contact me either by phone or email. I’m excited to hear about your plans for PROJECT-IN-A-DAY!! Merilee Otto Health Projects Chair 231-798-2841