I love my county alliance… Why should I join the state alliance?

Make a Difference in your Community!

MSMSA provides county alliance grants up to $250.00 per year for health projects.

Activities at the county level vary widely. Belong and discover additional ways to help your community.

Legislative advocacy is huge at the state level. MSMS will keep you abreast of all issues pertaining to health care and the practice of medicine.

Join other Alliance members who strive to protect the future of medicine through legislative advocacy. In fact, the Alliance often speaks louder and clearer to legislators than our busy spouses!

Have a passion for one of your county’s projects? Bring it to the state level and watch spread statewide!

Made a Difference in your Family:

MSMSA members understand the unique challenges that accompany life in a medical family. It is our mission to support the medical family and we are great at it.

Enrich your Life:

Join a state committee or board and learn a new skill. The state alliance has opportunities to enhance your leadership skills and nourish your personal growth.

Alliance members from all over the state of Michigan gather for the state meetings and the opportunity is there to build lifelong friendships.

Enjoy the benefits of diversity. You will make valuable connections with alliance members of different ages, ethnicity, religion and opinions!

Make a Difference in your County Alliance:

MSMSA will maintain your membership database for no charge.

MSMSA is a 501(c) 4 and can provide that benefit to your county as well.

You will get a free e-subscription to Alliance in Action magazine.

Being a part of the state alliance will encourage you and teach you ways to reinvigorate your county alliance.