Fall Focus

September 22, 2022 I noon-2pm I Grand Rapids

Join us for a discussion of childhood mental health in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the aftermath of the Oxford High School shooting. Throughout the United States children are experiencing rising rates of stress, depression and anxiety. Christy Buck, Executive Director of the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan and founder of the be nice. program, will explain how to recognize signs in youth who may be struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming others. Four tools will be shared to intervene and prevent future crises.


About us

The Michigan State Medical Society Alliance is an organization of physician spouses and partners, working together for the benefit of their communities, their families and the profession of medicine. The MSMSA is a vital link in the federation of medical spouses/partners nationwide, who strive to improve the health and life-styles of all citizens. The Medical Alliance at all levels (county, state and national) provides a forum for sharing information and concerns about the practice of medicine, the quality of health care and the stresses faced by the medical family. The Medical Alliance is dedicated to advancing the health of Michigan through advocacy and action.

What We Do

MSMSA coordinates philanthropic and legislative awareness and programing throughout Michigan. We believe that these efforts ultimately connect physician spouses in support and camaraderie while benefitting local communities and the practice of medicine.

Our Mission

Work in partnership with the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) and the American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA) to develop, implement, and support educational programs that improve the public health.

  • Educate about legislative issues that impact the practice of medicine.
  • Provide support for the medical family.
  • Serve as a resource for County Alliances.