A Message from the President

Greetings, I invite you to join your Michigan State Medical Society Alliance. MSMSA understands the unique challenges that accompany life in a medical family. Alliance members from all over Michigan gather for state meetings to build lifelong friendships and offer support. Enjoy the benefits of diversity. You will make valuable connections with Alliance members of different ages, ethnicities, religions and opinions. The state Alliance has opportunities to enhance your leadership skills and nourish your personal growth. Join other Alliance members who strive to protect the future of medicine through legislative advocacy. In fact, the Alliance often speaks louder and clearer to legislators than our busy spouses!

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Benefits of membership

Personal Growth, Development, Leadership and Support Opportunities

  • Meet and network with medical families
  • Friendship and support from other medical spouses, partners and families
  • Educational opportunities at state, regional and national meetings
  • Personal growth opportunities through leadership development and training

Community Health Initiatives

  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Health Literacy
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Individual programs in each county


  • Support physicians through grassroots legislative activities
  • Receive regular updates on pertinent medical & health related legislation
  • Join us for our annual "Day at the Capitol" event
  • Instant communication with legislators via the MSMS online Action Center
  • Advocate for Medicare physician payment reform and GME


  • Collaborate with MSMS Foundation and AMA Foundation to support medical education, research and physician-based community health grants
  • Doctors and their Families Make a Difference Campaign supports domestic violence shelters throughout the State of Michigan
  • National Doctors’ Day activities celebrate the dedication of physicians


  • The Alliance In Action e-newsletter
  • Web Site – alliance links/information
  • Email Political Action alerts

Annual Membership

The Michigan State Medical Society Alliance is a statewide component of the county and national alliance networks. With your support, MSMSA works to protect the future of medicine through legislative advocacy at the state level. Through MSMSA county alliances can access resources and grants to implement programs affecting their communities. Couples memberships extend invitations to meetings, couples events and excursions.

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